Executive Search Process

  • Site Visit

    Each new assignment begins with an in-person meeting with representatives of the client organization. This meeting is designed to define the position’s responsibilities, goals, expectations, compensation, desired candidate’s background / qualifications, and how the search will be conducted.

  • Position Specification

    Shortly following our Client Site Visit, a Position Specification is created. The Position Specification is a tool used during the recruiting process which describes the client organization, position’s responsibilities, and the preferred candidate’s background. It is also used to confirm that our understanding of the assignment is accurate, and consistent, with our client’s.

  • Research & Recruiting

    Each search is unique, therefore each assignment requires original research. Once our research is completed, our recruiting process is initiated.

  • Candidate Interviewing

    Once suitable candidates are identified, in-depth personal Candidate Interviews are conducted by the search consultant to further evaluate the candidate’s qualifications, interest in the position, and compatibility with our client company’s culture.

  • Candidate Referencing

    Preliminary references are conducted prior to the initial client / candidate interview. However, once the final candidates are selected, additional Candidate References will be completed.

  • Candidate Offer

    The search consultant will assist the client in structuring and presenting a Formal Offer to the selected candidate.

  • Continued Follow-up

    Once the hired candidate is on board with your organization our job is not yet complete. We will continue communications with you and the hired candidate to ensure a positive, long-term relationship.

“It’s all about creating the right match.”